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It’s not always fair.


Dec 3, 2009, 25 years after the terrible Bhopal incident, the lives of many living in that town are still under the influence of the disaster. Babies being born with genetic defects,  older people suffering from diseases caused by exposure to the deadly MIC (Methyl Isocyanate) gas. Union Carbide factory, once a symbol of economic growth to the local people, stands as a dilapidated, abandoned building, one that many would like to erase from their memories, but find it hard to do so, as the physical and psychological effects of that night still linger on. It’s a small spot on the world, one of the many, that is a proof of man’s disrespect for life & creation. Money and survival of the business, blindly take greater priority, with the lives of the less fortunate at stake.

My post is more a reflection and a short walk through my thoughts after watching a BBC documentary on the incident. [One Night in Bhopal].

The idea of God for me falls on the vague side. I’ve never been sure of the concept, and think it would be difficult for me to take a stance, on what God is. Well, I have gradually come to accept the presence of a force, beyond my complete understanding, that drives, to a large extent, the events occurring around us. On reading more about the Bhopal tragedy, I was deeply affected, and one question echoed in my head – Why?. Not who or what is driving such incidents.

It’s perplexing – why the innocent people and children? Why did their lives have to be subjected to the trauma? While on one side, the head of Union Carbide gets away free despite taking responsibility for the situation, the other side, people slowly dying for no crime they’ve committed. This may seem very cliche, but in way, it reaffirmed my belief in that incomprehensible force. People can explain this, talking of yin and yang and so on, but why is it that some part of the human race is always on the yin and some on the yang? The Why? is unanswerable, it’s just the way things are, the way the force chooses to write, a destiny that is, to some extent, unchangeable.

This has just deepened my gratitude for the good in life. Further led me to be simple and contented – Something that is easily lost in the rush of daily things.