Monthly Archives: January 2011

Back in the writing groove.


First of all, do not be mistaken by the previous post. It was as it is now – half written, but way back in Dec 2009, before I went to India for a week’s visit. I think this blog saw little daylight since then, and hence the post was shelved.. and forgotten. Now, it’s like stumbling across an old forgotten piece, and dusting it, and I just thought it fun to publish it over here.

And when this blog was fast sleep, my little world has seen many events come and go, none too slow, and now I’m back here after a year’s hibernation in my realm of writing.

The new year has started with pages of writing, none that were meant to be published, but just to get myself in back into the habit again. Thanks to 750 Words, I’m motivated to write daily now. And I realized there is so much goodness to building the habit of writing.

A Thinking catalyst: When you decide to write about something, or just write, you need to search in your head for things to write about. There starts the thinking process, warming up your brain and preparing it to create thoughts worthy of penning down. As a beginner, just start writing whatever comes to your head, (Don’t worry about reviews) , after a page or less, you naturally fall in the thinking phase, where ideas are created, opinions formed and refined. This, when made a habit, makes your writing more refined and specific. In my case, being bound by a goal like that of 750 Words, during the day, I tend to take minute note of things worthy of writing about, quotes or events, failures and learning. This forms the day’s quota of writing, and in the process, tend to analyze things that are closer to heart.

Stress reliever: Well, at the end of a long day, what with deadlines and boss troubles, you just want some blank page to empty the rubbish in your head, so that the next day can start void of toxins. This works well sometimes, but another tactic I realized in this context – Instead of spewing all negative incidents or emotions onto the page, we limit it, and move quickly on to the positive aspects of the day. It’s like compartmentalizing – I’ve ejected enough of negativity, wait, now, let me look at the sunlight moments in my day. And believe me, in the end you’ll feel so good that your day was not just about being swamped in work and there was so much more to it.

Logic: When you start jotting down points about a topic, you start to think, and you think logically. Why did I write this down? It’s like, eventually, you want to support your own statements and opinions. Hence, you tend to look deeper into the subject, with a Why and a Why not? This way, you understand yourself better, and the way you think and why you think so.

For me, it’s a liberator. It’s become a morning habit (sometimes, I cut some slack too!), reach work at 7.00 am (whoa, yes, I know it’s early!), start typing away until 7.30 am. It’s like starting the day with something creative, something I like to do, and not have to do.

By now, you’ve guessed, after a year’s break at this, one of my new year’s resolutions is to write, write, write all I can. Come, join me in this endeavor!




And the countdowns begin.


Yes. You read it right – countdowns. Apart from the universal countdown to a new year, there’s another one due in a week’s time. That’s a short stint at Bangalore – to be with family for a priceless 10  days. Considering my last visit home was less than a week, (it even seemed even shorter than the 15 post-lunch nap at work), I’m looking forward to this more than anything.

There’s so much to look forward to – back to the comfort, safety and care of home. A carefree feeling, a little less responsibility, a lot of warmth. Leaving behind the muted sights of Singapore, the early morning bus to work, monday morning and friday night extremes. All to suspend myself in the misty Bangalore mornings, in cozy blankets.