Paint a Picture #1


A creeper entwined around a palm frond..

In the walkway leading to the pantry at my workplace, an admirable sight has caught my attention in the past couple of days. Before painting the picture with my thoughts, I welcome you all to pen down your musings and interpretations on the photo. I would love to see a variety of ideas and stories cropping up around this picture.

While writing the entry, it just occurred to me to start a series called “Paint a Picture”.  Once in a while, I will put up a picture of something that has intrigued me or caught my attention for some reason. I welcome your interpretations on the picture, and I hope it will brew some interesting ideas and add many dimensions to the picture. It can be anything from a single word to a a few lines, preferably limiting it to 5-6 lines.


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  1. Firstly, good change of theme on your blog.
    Innovative idea 🙂

    WRT this pic, there are >1 interpretations from my side.
    1. The creeper represents us, and the palm represents our well wishers. This could mean that there are many people who have made sacrifices and compromises to put us where we are; in their own small way.
    2. The palm represents us, and the creeper represents society as a whole. We are bound by social dogma which, at times, restricts us from doing what we would truly want to do; or stop us from who we want to be.

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