Monthly Archives: November 2011

At Time’s mercy


As a kid I searched the sands of the shore for hidden shells and pearls..

The vastness of time..

Now I search the vast sands of time for answers..

They are hidden.. And waiting for none but time to reveal.


Only Time..


Enya. Enchanted is the feeling when I listen to her songs. One of her songs – “Only Time..” is a brilliant piece and I’m so in love with it recently. The lyrics are wonderful and very true too.

“Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flows.. only time..

Where the road goes..only time

And who can say
if your love grows
as your heart chose
only time..”

Listening to Enya is pure bliss.

Standby mode


Spread out a mat on the floor, turn the lights off, (or dim the lights, the way I prefer) sit down cross legged, back up straight, eyes closed. Take deep breaths and set your mind free. Do not restrain it initially, but slowly pull the reins on it and start focusing on one thing – be it the birds chirping, or the sound of the trains, or your breathing. (Well, these were the prominent things that came to my attention). Whatever it may be, rest your mind on that one thing. That’s how you go into what I call the Standby mode and what most people might refer to as meditation.

I tried it out for a short ten minutes. And I felt refreshed and clearly able to concentrate on my work following it. It left me charged and confident, wanting to do something productive or create something. (Oh well, here is a proof, a post on my blog after a super long hiatus, then you can imagine)

The benefits of meditation can’t be overstated and aren’t alien to us, yet many of us find it difficult to squeeze it into our routines. I realized what prevented me from making it a habit were some preconceived notions that it has to be done at this hour everyday, in this manner, in this order etc etc. Actually its not that complicated. Just get down to it, without any strings attached, and just do what is comfortable with you. I’m not saying you sit down and go to sleep. But just be flexible in your approach. Flexibility makes it enjoyable and you don’t need to have the perfect time+place+equipments to go about it. Just do it.

I learned 2 things from this short experiment:

1. Meditation works. It works really well. I felt peace. No, I’m not yet at inner peace, this is good enough for now.

2. It’s simple. You just need a small space on the floor or a chair to sit down on. A fairly quiet place (Pin drop silence is not necessary, but sitting in a rock concert won’t help either.)

Trailing on the second point,most activities for physical and mental health are fairly simple and straightforward. We just need to break the ice by trying it out once, find the groove and enjoy it. Try this today. Go standby. Let your mind rest in peace and wake up rejuvenated.