Leaving on a jet plane..


Change is not easy. And change from one place to another, even if it were a short stay, can unsettle me. Don’t mistake me, I love travelling. But what I’m talking about is living in a place for a while, having some emotional attachment to the place and having to leave. It happens to me when I leave Singapore to visit India, it happens on the way back. And now again, it’s time to leave this lovely little town of Fontainebleau, the INSEAD campus here, many wonderful people I met, but will continue to stay in France.. I can’t overstate my eagerness to go back to family, but I’m also in this transition phase which always makes me a little queasy.

Looking back and thinking about it, it was those good byes that made it hard. The countless times I bid goodbyes to my family at the Bangalore airport, the fleeting moment in Schipol when I last looked at Vishnu many months back, and now all those good byes to my lifer friends who will not be visiting Singapore during INSEAD.

I always thought it’s the place, the obvious changes in routine etc that caused the stress. But no, it’s so much more than that. Yes, I’ll miss Fontainebleau, I’ll miss traveling in Europe, but all that is simply overpowered by the feeling of being with family after ages. It’s less and less about places, it’s more about people, people I make connections with, people who make great conversations, people who simply love – family.

A few years ago, I think I was this aimless wanderer, dreaming of places to go with nothing to look back. I still am, but my priorities are different. I still explore, but with a deep desire to share every experience the people I care. I still dream, but with family in sight. For those little moments with people matter as much and more than just traveling and ticking places off a map.

I’ll have to dedicate many posts to my life at INSEAD.. but there is one really important thing that INSEAD has drilled into me. Life throws many options at you, but turns out, life is not as generous with time. So make the the best you can, in whatever way you value, ’cause time is always running out.


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