Spent my first 18 years in Bangalore,  my hometown. Recently, have also taken a liking to the hustle and bustle,  humid beaches of Chennai.

Love variety. Trying out new things, learning new languages (Tamil, English, Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi,  Tried my luck with German & French, currently getting back to German! – Yes, am proud of that list and want to make it longer!) Travelling to lots of places tops my list of things I want to do most.

Swimming is a joy. One day I’d like to swim with the Dolphins. (Courtesy: Surfers for Cetaceans). Hiking, cycling and outdoor adventure – anytime for that.

Oh, then there’s music.  Yeah well, it keeps changing, and highly influenced by my mood.

Hmm, that’s enough here, if anything I shall continue later.

♦Carpe Diem


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  1. Hi, just noticed your comment on my blog.. and thanks a lot 🙂 By the way, have we met? You were in bangalore, and now in Singapore, i’m just wondering..

    • Hey, yes, one of the assessment centers. JPM I think, was there along with Sneha Soni. Bangalore common acquaintance would be Ishani. So, there you go.

  2. Ahh! 🙂 Are you joining BarCap soon? Heard from Sharad that you were interning here last summer right? Also btw I don’t know your last name so I can’t add you on Facebook..! Find me if you can please..!

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