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‘A’ for Anything but Apple.


‘A’ for Apple.  That doesn’t work for me. For reasons I myself am not able to discern, I just cannot get an apple into my system. A fruit as simple as the apple. I have tried hard to include it in my diet,  owing to its health benefits. But met with little success. I know it sounds weird, but well, that’s the way it is.

Needless to say, chances are bleak that you’ll ever find them in my kitchen. Unless a guest or a friend brings a packet of apples home and I have no choice but to accept them out of courtesy. And that’s how I ended up with a couple of them  in my fridge this week, neglected for days I couldn’t keep track of. Inspired by my strawberry milkshake yesterday (I had to save the almost rotting strawberries); I decided to rid my fridge of the apples by turning it into milkshake and just downing a mug of it. It was a quick affair – definitely faster than getting myself to eat them as they are. Topped with a scoop of ice cream – it turns into a mug full of creamy goodness – waiting to be devoured!


Paper boat times


My head wandered off from the pages of Product Development notes, to something my da-sis (darling sister, pronounced dei-sis) mentioned during my June break in India. Origami it was. And the curiosity began to rise. No longer could I focus on my product development notes and skipped off to the net to check some real origami products instead! Anyway, and there I stumble upon the very popular paper boat!! (atleast, as far as I can remember, it used to be popular way back when I was a kid, and today with computer games hogging a major part of kids’ plays, I think it’s long forgotten). Oh it was such a nostalgia, took me back to the times when I tried to ‘leave a boat'(as we used to call it back then) in muddy puddles near my school.  I immediately removed a page of my notes, (oops, the one I was trying to read), and tried my hand at the paper boat.. and I found myself staring blankly at a folded piece of paper in my hand, not knowing what to do further!

dsc018953 Call the know it all web to my assistance and I had a nice  little boat on my table in a jiffy! Here’s the pic, and yes, I put  back the page I first took, (I still had to get back to studies)  and took the first cover page instead :P. Now I’ve found a  new thing for winter hols, apart from my boring FYP! (Final  year proj, fyi)

And coincidentally, today happens to be children’s day!  Happy children’s day to all my friends, rather, to the child in  them 🙂