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‘A’ for Anything but Apple.


‘A’ for Apple.  That doesn’t work for me. For reasons I myself am not able to discern, I just cannot get an apple into my system. A fruit as simple as the apple. I have tried hard to include it in my diet,  owing to its health benefits. But met with little success. I know it sounds weird, but well, that’s the way it is.

Needless to say, chances are bleak that you’ll ever find them in my kitchen. Unless a guest or a friend brings a packet of apples home and I have no choice but to accept them out of courtesy. And that’s how I ended up with a couple of them  in my fridge this week, neglected for days I couldn’t keep track of. Inspired by my strawberry milkshake yesterday (I had to save the almost rotting strawberries); I decided to rid my fridge of the apples by turning it into milkshake and just downing a mug of it. It was a quick affair – definitely faster than getting myself to eat them as they are. Topped with a scoop of ice cream – it turns into a mug full of creamy goodness – waiting to be devoured!


Of mushrooms and bell peppers


I did some ‘healthy’ shopping at Fairprice yesterday. Most of the items on my list were ticked off, from mushrooms to avocado and bell peppers. I even bought seaweed!! Room is now stocked with only natural, no junk stuff, and it feels so satisfying. (Let’s forget the koka magi somewhere inside the shelf, and the yupi candies which I’ve been having a wee bit too much lately).

Finally got to cooking today, after like almost a year. Atleast, I can’t remember the last time I cooked and that doesn’t count magi.

So yeah, start 3 p.m, chop chop finish in an hour, 4 p.m lunch (!) is ready. I’ll jump straight into my own nice little recipe for what I cooked today.


Cooked pasta – I used the san remo pasta packet, threw  away the flavour powder that comes along with it. Add water,  heat in microwave for 8 minutes. Drain, and let the pasta  dry. Chop red bell peppers. Chop mushrooms and keep in  hot water for a while. Chop spinach. Chop garlic. All chop  yeah. Oh, not the small tomatoes. Next, put oil (I had only coconut oil, try sunflower or olive,  healthier) in the pan. How much? Just see how, you’ll know  how much is ok. 😛 Oh switch on the hot plate before that. And leave it on, with oil and garlics for about a minute. Stir a bit. (Missed the onions here 😦 ). Next, add chopped mushrooms (remove water and pat dry), add spinach, bell pepper, tomatoes. Stir for about 5-6 minutes. Add pepper, salt, herbs, turmeric, chilli. Saute for a while, till you think spinach is gonna disappear. (Ok, kidding).Add the pasta. Add more herbs, spices if you want. Stir and let it cook for about 5 minutes.And it’s done ! Took me about an hour. First time you see. But I think it can be done in about 30 minutes.

That was lunch. And cause I spent 1 hour on lunch, thought I might as well keep a part of it for dinner.Mind you, ’twas a good meal, a bit bland by indian standards, but my roomi liked it, so 🙂